Glitter Roots Tutorial

dicembre 28, 2015

Glitter Roots


Gingerbread Cookies | Recipe

dicembre 24, 2015

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

If you're not new round these parts, you'll probably already know that I like making cookies to give as a little Christmas gift to my school mates.
So this year I managed to make those cute gingerbread cookies, which actually had an excellent feedback. 

RECIPE for 40 cookies

(for the dough)

- 350g flour
- 160g sugar
- 150g butter
- 1 egg
- 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder
- 1/2 teaspoon of cloves powder
- a dash of salt
- 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg powder
- 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
- 150g honey (or treacle)
- 2 teaspoons of ginger powder

(for the frosting)

- 150g icing sugar
- 1 albumen
- colourant (optional)


In a bowl or in the mixer put the sifted flour and sugar, add the spices, baking soda and eventually the butter, which has to be cold and cut in chops.
Pour the honey and blend it in with the other ingredients until you obtain a crumbling dough.
Then add the egg and mix it all together again, giving it a spherical shape.
Wrap the dough in some cooking film and let it in the fridge for 2 hours.
When it's ready, take the ball and roll out the pastry until you get a 4 mm thickness.
Remember to preheat the oven at 180° so not to waste time.
Now it's time to cut the cookies with all the moulds you like, placing them on a tray covered with some baking paper.
Put in the oven for 10-12 minutes, and get them out when they have browned a little. Don't worry if they are still a little bit creamy since they'll stiffen later.
While you're waiting for them to cool down, prepare the glaze beating the white egg until stiff, slowly incorporating the icing sugar.
Then add some pigment if you like and pour everything in a sac à poche. 
When the cookies have cooled down, dress them as you like.

And that's it!
Hope you've found this useful, let me know in the comments if you've ever made them and write me if you have any advice to improve my recipe!
Merry Christmas everyone xx


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9 Places For The Best Street Food In Milan

dicembre 14, 2015

Street Food in Milan

I always love exploring new little places in Milan where I can have some chatty time with my friends and mates, or just to keep in mind in case I'm around and I want a break.
Plus, what's better than snapping cute dishes pics to post on your Insta?
You get the blogger side and the hungry one at the same time - think it's a pretty good deal, isn't it?
So I thought I would make a list of a few of my favourite places I reach for when I'm looking for some street food in Milan.
Who knows, maybe you're coming during Christmas break or planning to do it soon!

If you're feeling like something a little bit tropical and fresh, just to fill up your daily dose of vitamins and fibres, this is the right place to go. 
It's a Brazilian juice bar based in Milan, which has lots of different fruit combinations and healthy drinks.
where: Milan, via Rivoli 2/ Milan, via Cesare Correnti 2
prices: medium target

A cute café that serves the best sweets in town (or maybe one of the best). If you're looking for a good old hot chocolate or some pastries, you'll love it there.
where: Milan, piazza del Rosario 1
prices: low to high

The best place for the healthy ones, it offers an wide range of different salads, including some very awkward combinations. 
where: Milan, Corso Sempione 30
prices: medium target

A cool fusion of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, it's one of the most in vogue sushi in Milan. It's located in two of the most popular areas of the city, and you might need to book a table if you don't want to stand queuing out of the local.
where: Milan, Ripa di Porta Ticinese 32 / Corso Garibaldi 59
prices: medium to high

For the cutest cupcakes in town or hot chocolates in cold days, this nice little café is the right place. Chic, cozy and simple, it's mine and my friends' favourite treat.
where: Milan, via Madonnina 10
prices: medium target

As you may have guessed if you know Italian a little, this can sound like the perfect example of a chocolate factory which, in some way, it's true, since you can choose among a huge variety of chocolates and desserts - let me say that, you really need to give them a go.
However, they also serve lunch and it's very good too - though, you still might find some chips of chocolate in your salad!
where: Milan, Alzaia Naviglio Grande 44 / via San Raffaele 6 / via de Amicis 25 / via Torino piazza san Giorgio
prices: medium target

Straight from LA, this juice bar is all dedicated to our body care and health. It also has a whole range of products specific for a full detox programme
where: via Vigevano 6
prices: medium target

Probably heaven for vegans and vegetarians, but also for the ones who, like me, want to feel a little bit healthier sometimes, you've got to try this one. It literally covers the whole day eating process (is that even a thing?), from juices, to salads, rice salads, pies, yogurts and even soups! 
where: Milan, via Cesare Correnti 20 / Piazza di Porta Lodovica 6 / Largo della Crocetta 2
prices: medium target

Maybe I'm not giving you advice about where to eat the best Italian food, but I mean, we cook Italian at home so when we go out we like to look for something else. So yes, bagels are actually American, but I do love them anyway. 
I like this place because I can literally choose how I want my bagel to be, starting from the type of bread to the filling. You can have it sweet or savoury, plain or with poppy seeds, sesame, multigrain, cinnamon and raisin, chocolate chips and now I stop or the list will be endless.
where: Milan, Piazza XXIV Maggio 1/8
prices: low to medium

Quite a long post, I'll admit it, but I am very happy with how it has turned out to be. 
Let me know if you've ever been to Milan and to one of these places or your personal recommendations for street food in your town!
Also, tell me if you'd like to have more posts about my city, since I was thinking about something very special.

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