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settembre 12, 2014


Hello everybody!
We're definitely getting closer to the Autumn season, which I don't mind, but obviously it means school. And it's never a pleasure to come back from holiday, wake up at seven o'clock to put your eyes on your books again, is it? 
However, I haven't get used to it yet, so summer is still on my mind. 
As I promised in my last post, this is the second part of my big English shopping, but this time we're going to talk about clothes and fashion pieces!



So, as you can see, this "model" is not me, but my sister. In fact, she had craved a onesie for ages, but she's never found where to buy it. When I went to Primark, I was super excited because, let's face it, that shop is absolutely crazy. They sell everything, I'm not joking. Anyway, when I saw this Giraffe Onesie, I immediately understood that was the perfect gift for my sis. I think it's super cute, isn't it?

Topshop top

Topshop Top
Next stop, Topshop. I was looking around the shelves when I saw this Striped Cropped Top (sorry, can't find the link) and I fell in love with it. So I put up the money again.

Topshop Faux Leather Large Clean-Cut Satchel

Well, I didn't open my wallet just for that shirt, but for this Topshop Faux Leather Large Clean-Cut Satchel bag too. I've used this little one a lot. Perhaps it's one of the most useful things I bought during my stay in Cambridge. In fact, this is small, but not that much. It's that medium size which comes handy when you need to be comfy but you can't  leave this and this at home. And it happens the most of the times, actually.

Cupcakes Cropped Top

During one of my London trips, I've been drugged by my best friend to Camden Town. Actually, at the beginning I wasn't very excited to go. When I got there though, I thought that it's one of the reasons why London is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So, the question is: what did I do? I went crazy. Oh, that's a new reaction Sara, you've never gone nuts, have you?
Okay, I popped into this stand which was really pretty and I bought this Cupcakes Cropped Top I love.
Chanel Top

And this Chanel Nail Polishes sleeveless t-shirt.

Black Sandals

And these Balck Sandals
Those ones are amazing. High but comfy, trendy and chic, for serious or casual occasions. I've used them so much.

Forever21 Life in Progress-Cuffed Denim Shorts

One of my London trips was totally set in Oxford street. I spent the whole day walking through the street, and going into every shop that attracted me. Guess what? Almost every shop attracted me. New feeling, Sara.
So one of those was Forever21, which is pretty nice. I purchased these kind of non-shorts I adore. They're called Life In Progress - Cuffed Denim Shorts. I've been looking for something similar for a long time. Yeah, you might have got it, I'm so into the medium sizes. The reason why I like them is that I can go wherever I want, even in more serious occasions, without suffering for the warmth. 

Pink's Thongs

During my Oxford street shopping I couldn't miss it. Victoria's Secrets. I feel a bit ashamed to show you these two thongs, but even if you don't see them, panties are part of our clothing. So why shouldn't I show you my underwear as well as I show you my closet? Please, try to understand me, I can't buy a pair of normal French knickers from Victoria's Secrets! For that reason I went for these two Lace Trim Thong Panties which are not the most comfy choice but, you know, they are thongs.

Harrods Shopping Bag

As I hadn't had time to go to Harrods in London, I know, bad mistake, I took advantage of the delay of the plane to have a look in it in the duty free. I thought I couldn't come back with nothing from Harrods, so I bought this Small Knightsbridge Ladies Tote because I loved the fact that it's not the usual Harrods' shopper bag.

And that was, fortunately, everything from my whole England Haul! Hope you enjoyed it :)

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