The Greasy Hair Solution

dicembre 01, 2014

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo
It's not news that I have oily hair and that I have to wash it every two days, due to my workout. Sometimes I skip exercise and, since I'm a bit lazy, I also skip the shower step (just hair, not body aha). 
The problem is, that my hair can't resist more than two days without washing, and sometimes even the most loved second-day-hair is too greasy for me.
I hate always going out with a ponytail, feeling ashamed for my hair.
Some of you might think: well, dry shampoos have already been invented, haven't they?! 
The answer is yes, but I've found a better and cheaper way to make my scalp hold up a bit more. 
In fact, I'm not the biggest fan of dry shampoos, as they don't last the whole day and the most of the times they leave you with a white spot on your head. Well, there are a few veeeery good ones, like the Oribe one, but honestly I don't want to spend that crazy amount of money for something that lasts me less than a month. 
So, what I've found out is that talc deals really well with my hair. Sounds scary, but trust me - it works.
It is white, I know, but if you massage your scalp the right way, it will disappear. You can do it with dry shampoo, but the more you touch your hair, the less it last. 
I don't know if it's just my impression but recently I've been using it every single time I had dirty hair, and it absorbed the oil on my head. 
Do you think I'm just going mad? Do you believe me? Let me know if you're so brave that you're going to try this method or if you're too scared in the comments!


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