Drugstore Mini Haul

gennaio 21, 2015

Drugstore Beauty Haul

As I said in my new year's post, I had to satisfy my shopping hunger with drugstore products, since there were all high-brands' shops in that town, too unaffordable for a simple shopping session (well, maybe also for a special one aha).

And as I promised, I'm going to show you what I bought and make a little review of each one.

Nivea Styling Mousse Volume Sensation


Okay after my Christmas gifts post you might have understood that I have a thing for hair at the moment, so I couldn't leave on the shelves these two! I definitely need more volume on my scalp so I decided to try this new line from NIVEA I had never seen before. They're such good products, especially the mousse which gives immediately more volume to your head. You can use it on damp or dry hair, and then fix it with the hair spray. I like this one because  it's very light and non-sticky, but it keeps your hair in place all day. But the strong point of both the products is the price which is around 7€ (5£, 8$) - bargain!

Essence Blush Up Powder Blush

I know that in the UK is not a very well-known brand, since it's not sold in drugstore (but in wilko I think), however it's pretty famous all over Europe mainly because of its prices, which are insanely low! I have a love/hate relationship with this brand, as not all the products are good, but sometimes there are a few amazing ones I really love, although they're really inexpensive. The long lasting lipsticks are so good, very creamy, pigmented and long-lasting! I already owned one in the shade 04, and I decided to have one more!
I find that blush so gorgeous - just look at it! The packaging is simply incredible for a low brand like that! I had read a few reviews before so I already knew the quality was good, so I really recommend it! 
Oh, and just so you know… they're both around 4€ (3£, 5$)!

Essence Powder Brush


Whoops! I probably went a little bit crazy about blushers in the last period, after I got the Nars Virtual Cheek Domination Palette for Christmas. I just love this creamy blush for its light colour and for the natural look it gives to my cheeks. Lasts all day, big thumbs up!
And then, I just needed a new powder brush - especially since it was limited edition and that lilac really appealed me…- and a new sharpener. They both do their job, so I'm very impressed again!

That was everything from Crans, really hope you've enjoyed it! Do you already have one of these products in your makeup collection? What's your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

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