Valentine's Day

febbraio 14, 2015

S. Valentine's Day

Girls, today is the day. Hated and loved, S. Valentine's Day is one of the most dreaded days by all women all over the world.
As a single teenager, I've always been annoyed by the 14th February since the most of the times it has reminded me that I didn't have a kindred spirit. The perfect day to drown my lovelorn sorrows in chocolate.

Once, I arrived at school with a huge banner which said "Single For Life". Kind of a sad thing, I know, but I was very committed. On the 15th, the unconventional Singles' Day, I also brought loads of sweets and I handed them out to my mates, except for the "engaged" ones. As you can see, I was a bit worrisome even at that time (which, in very truth, it was just three years ago). Strong beliefs of a teenager.
This year though, I've changed my mind a little. My purpose today is not to fight against the poor couples but to cheer up my equals and avoid weird deaths due to chocolate excess.
I'm not the one who says "Don't worry, you'll find your sweetheart", because sure, you will, but this doesn't help now. 
I'm the one who says: well, think about how many things you can do now that engaged people can't do. Go and have the best time ever with your single friends. Eat kilos of cakes, not to suppress regrets but to satisfy your stomach. Pamper yourself with facials and scrubs. Go for a crazy shopping. Chill out all day.
S. Valentine's day is nothing depressing. It's that day when you decide to love yourself and to let sadness go. 
Enjoy this day my Valentines, don't let yourself feel like crap.

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2 commenti:

  1. Definitely a chill out day today. Gonna spend some time with my friend first, then enjoy a movie at home with the boyfriend. Nothing out of the ordinary, more like ordinary. Have a wonderful weekend!
    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. I'm chillin' all day too! Aha video editing and tv show for me xx