Summer Lips

maggio 27, 2015

Pink Lipsticks

Pink Lipsticks

Pink Lip Liners

Summer or spring it really doesn't matter, lips are going to stay on the peachy side for a while, right?! So here I have chosen a few of my current favourites to show you for some pinkish lips inspiration.

Let's start with a classic matte nude. This one is basically the opaque version of MAC Patisserie, an old time favourite of mine. Due to the finish though, it lasts a little bit longer.
It goes with every makeup look and it's the best alternative to unbearable sticky lip glosses that fade away in a minute.

If you're not new 'round these parts, you might have noticed my unconditional love for these lip stains. It is a very long story: bought one in London, lost it, found it in Greece, bought two more. They are just a guarantee for every day or night out, winter or summer, whatever, it is constantly in my makeup bag. If you have never heard of them before - well, where have you been my dear?! - you can have a look at my full review here.
By the way, the peachy version is as good as the red one. A bit more on the 'welcome warm season' side, though.

Never thought I would have loved it, but even perfect people can make mistakes. This colour was definitely missing in my lipsticks' drawer, and I thought I would give it a go. Thanks God I did. It is fab. 
Actually, it feels quite weird on the lips the first time, since it has a light matte finish which I'm not very used to. Whenever I apply it, I always forget it is there and it feels so comfortable. Long lasting, not drying at all - hit the mark. 
I like it so much that I also included it in my last giveaway.

Yeah, we're going brighter. That is the first Mac lipstick I've ever owned and it was a gift from my bestie - she knows me right. It is such a good shade, but you have to pay attention to your teeth. In fact, it tends to turn them yellowish a little bit, so they must be very cleaned. A chewing gums' pot in your bag would be a saviour.

Onto lip liners, I have some new discoveries. Everyone seems to have found the Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk Lip Liner's dupe in the Eastend Snob one from Rimmel, so I was very curious to try it, since we don't have CT in Italy. I've looked for it for ages, but I couldn't find it anywhere. However, while I was rummaging through Rimmel's lip liners, I came across Pure, and I put it in my basket straight away. After a few trips to the drugstore, I was finally able to have my hands on the nude one, and then my life was complete. 
They're both incredible shades, with slightly a different finish. Pure is a bit more drying on the lips, but with a good lip butter it doesn't melt or smudge. Eastend Snob is definitely more comfortable and creamy. They both last all day.

And that's all! Hope you've enjoyed this new kind of post, let me know in the comments if you would like to have some more!
Please, don't forget to tell me your favourite summer lipstick below!

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