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luglio 17, 2015

SaraPags Holidays

I know summer is meant to be a great season for blogging: new photos from travels to share, new places to shoot, new cafés discoveries and a lot of excitement going on. And I'm not going to deny that this is basically my holiday plan for this year.
However, blogging takes time, wifi and a good laptop available. Probably the wifi is the one I am usually able to get, but I'm not the one who brings her laptop everywhere for two reasons: I need space in my suitcase and time to post, which I don't actually have when I'm having my best time wuth my friends.
So I thought I would sum up my last few days in this post, gathering some pics from my Instagram (which, by the way, you should follow if you don't want to miss any update) and some other random ones.

1. Just arrived in Dublin with my best friend.
2. New friends I made in Dublin.
3. First time to Nando's
4. Met one of my fave Italian youtubers and had a lovely chat.
5. Formentera's seaside.
6. Amazing Spanish breakfasts (happy diet everyone!).
7. Sunset at the Beach.
8. Gorgeous breakfast in Madrid.
9. Incredible palace in Madrid.


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