Kate Moss' Lipsticks

marzo 12, 2014

Kate Moss' Lipsticks

Hello people!

Today I'm going to talk about an 'old' product, which for me is still a must-have. I'm not the first blogger at all to review Kate Moss' lipsticks, but I wanted to share my opinion with you. 
I actually watched hundreds of videos before convincing myself it was time to try one of these... 
But one day I was in drugstore
and I saw the Rimmel stand, so I decided to be brave and I bought the pink one (number 20), because I had not a similar one. When I arrived home my mum looked in my bag, found the lipstick and said the colour was horrible. Oh Jesus, she never likes my courage.
Kate Moss lipstick pink
Kate Moss' lipstick n.20
Anyway, I wore it on Saturday the first time, and it didn't really last very much. That made me a bit disappointed, so I put it on another day. 
This time it worked very well, and it surprised me a lot, because it stayed fixed for about six hours (which is GREAT) and after dinner, it was still there!! 
And this, girls, just for 7 euros (about 9$, 5£) ! 
kate moss lipstick pink

Therefore, I decided to go and buy another colour. In order to choose which one I browsed Zoella’s blog, because I remember having seen something related, and I saw she was wearing the red one (number 107) in a pic of hers. I immediately picked it up because I thought it was perfect for my brow hair and eyes.
kate moss lipstick n.107
But let’s talk about the coverage, which is wonderful, while the composition is a little dry, so I usually scrub my lips before applying it.
 I’ll tell you a secret: last week I went to the mountain and by mistake *big fail for me* I left my beauty case on a shelf above the radiator, and the products warmed up, lipsticks included. When I tried them later, I actually found them creamier! Well, I’m not telling you to repeat what I did, but don’t despair if this happens …
This two are now my favourite lipsticks, which have radically changed my opinion about this kind of products (I used to hate them): this is the reason why I think I did a big breakthrough!
Will this help me winning my challenge ?! Hope so …


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