Nike free run 3.0 changed my workout

marzo 06, 2014

Hi guys! 
I planned to post a little bit earlier, with an article about choosing a style, but the photos I took were definitely horrible. So I decided to talk about my last purchase, the nike free run 3.0
I bought them on Yoox, and they cost me 125 € (about 172$, 103£). Yes, a bit expensive for my standard, but it's worth it! 
I've never had a nike item in my whole life. Sounds crazy, but that's the truth. My parents don't agree at all with their method of making products, and I think their right, but this time I really did need a new pair of technical trainers. Therefore my wonderful mother made me a gift.
First of all, the shipment was free and really fast (they arrived home in just two days, which is SO good). Moreover the colour I picked up is amazing ... 
Anyway, the reason why I bought them was I really need a new pair of trainers for volley coaching and running because mine were actually worn out . When I tried them for the first time I felt like I was in paradise: finally I was able not to be the last one doing a burst of speed. I'll tell you the truth: this kind of exercise made me feel very antsy every time, because due to my previous shoes I couldn't run too fast and my coaches always screamt at me; it wasn't really funny. But now, thanks to my babies, going to the gym is more relaxing . 
However, last week my trainer told me the shape of these sneakers wasn't truly appropriate to play volley because it was thought just for running and I could easily twist an ankle. Probably she's right, but I spent a lot to get them, and I think my mum won't buy me another pair of trainers for a long time! 
No matter how, I'm going to use them also for my spring/summer running, just to keep in a good shape. Oh, well, another topic I'm going to write about very soon. 
Thank you nike free for changing my attitude to workout!

Sara ♡

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