Beauty is a state of mind

aprile 13, 2014


Hello to all the girls full of insecurities,
today I'm here to show you that our blemishes are just in our mind and not in other people's eyes. 
I'm doing this post not only for you, but also for me
, because well, I also have problems with self-confidence too, as lots of women. 
We live in a society which judges too much, and sometimes we find ourselves doing it without realizing what we're saying. This often happens to me, although I hate this way to select people.
It could be a challenge, maybe, trying to lessen prejudices and know people for what they are inside, not outside. Think this will be very hard.
However, it's normal that women want to look the best they can. So it's not wrong aiming to be better, but girls you should know: perfection doesn't exist. Go to a nutritionist, if it helps feeling better, go to the gym, or to the beautician, but don't require to change yourselves into another person, simply because that is not you. And you're unique.
Don't struggle against your body, because that's only an image of us, and images can't speak, think or love. 

This video is made by Dove, brand which has done many other campaigns about this topic, all really touching. 
This one in particular talks about a psychologist, who gave some girls a patch promising them to feel more confident in 15 days. A sort of drug against uncertainty.
At the beginning they don't see the effects of the test, but after two weeks they come back feeling happy and beautiful
What was there inside the patches?


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