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aprile 11, 2014




Outfit: Polka Dot Jumpsuit from Zara // Nautical Shoes from Berhska // Quick Dry Nail Lacquer in Mint (835) from Kiko // Midi Rings from H&M //

Hello fashion world,
this time I thought to do a fashion post, as you can see. Actually
it was going to be a Zara Haul post, but then i realized i didn't have enough time to take pictures with different outfits, so here you are!
Hope you'll enjoy this kind of jumpsuit, not definitely an everyday style, but something a bit risked. It reminds me of hot seasons and that's the reason why it's perfect.
Those midi rings were my last purchase, which make me so proud.
However, the nail polish doesn't last very much, but I love that shade.

Love you all,

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