Antibes' Outfit #2

maggio 13, 2014




OUTFIT: Jersey Tank Top from H&M // Shorts from H&M // Belt from H&M // Shoes similar to the H&M ones // Sunglasses from &OtherStories // Bag from Naj Oleari // Sweatshirt from H&M //

MINIMAL MAKEUP: Essence Lash Mania Reloaded Mascara // Catrice Eye Brow Stylist // Mediterranealab Lipstick number 12 //

Ready for outfit #2 ?! Alright, here it is ... 
I'm sorry I didn't upload before, but I had such a traumatic week, studying until  1.00 p.m. and waking up at 6.30.
Fortunately it all went well, I passed the interrogations with high marks (I didn't actually expect it) and now I'm ready for another week like that. Well, I thought a few time about killing myself but finally I couldn't. I was wondering how my family and my friends could live without me! *Obviously joking* 
However, I really can't wait the end of the school because I can't stand my lifestyle at the moment. Hope this is not going to be forever.

But let's talk about what I wore. I've already told you about the shoes and the sunglasses, so let's skip them! I didn't bring with me million pairs of them in Antibes ... Big mistake, Sara.
Apart from these accessorises, you could think H&M paid me to write this post. Actually, not. These are just part of my April fashion haul from H&M, and I wore them together randomly.
I took that top immediately as I saw it: it's just the kind of shirt I needed. Elegant, chic and summery.
I picked those shorts up because they were really comfy and also very cheap! Look at their colour: amazing.
The belt is one of my most useful purchases of the last month, because well, who doesn't need a basic one?! I had just broken mine up a few weeks ago and I couldn't live without this. Sounds weird, but well, try it!
As you can see, the shoes and the sunglasses are still the same of the other post: I'm sorry but I couldn't bring with me million pairs of them! (There were three dogs in my car … )
The bag. Okay guys, this is one of my accessorizes' must have. I got it about two years ago for Christmas and since there, I began using it in every occasion. This is probably due to its colour and shape: a neutral beige with a simple medium shape is the best answer to all your problems!
And finally, I adore that grey sweatshirt: it's soft and wearable with all kinds of clothes; I wear it when i want my outfit to look more casual but nice. I'm addicted to this kind of hoodie, provided with a comfy zipper which let you take it off easily and shows a piece of the shirt. Big thumbs up for the sweatshirt!

Hope you liked this outfit, and there's another one arriving soon, but i was thinking about doing a beauty tip&tricks post about concealer before!

Love you all,


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