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maggio 28, 2014

Italian dish recipe

Hello to everybody!
Today I'm going to write a different kind if post, an authentic Italian recipe! I planned to do this months before, but I'm actually posting it now ... 
This dish is one of my favourites in summer, because it's fresh and easy to make.

Here there's what you need: (for 1 person)
- a pot 
- a colander
- 80 g (176 lb) of pasta 
- one melon
- a clump of arugula 
- some pepper
- oil
- a handful of salt

First of all put some water in a pot and let it boil on the burner. Meanwhile clean out the melon and cut it in chops. Rinse the arugula trying to take out the dirt and cut it too. 
Put the handful of salt in the water and, when it's boiling, put the pasta in the pot. Set your timer on the minutes that kind of pasta deserves (it should be written on the packaging) and wait for it to cook.
Then, take the colander and spill the contents of the pot in it. Decant the pasta in a bowl and let it cool down. 

Italian dish recipe

Then, add the melon, the arugula, some pepper and oil

to your liking and mix all together.
So here you are, your Italian dish perfect for the hot season! Was it difficult?!
Hope you liked it,
I'd like to see your creations on twitter or instagram (@_SaraPags_) send me your pics!

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