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giugno 19, 2014

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Summer Fashion Edit

Summer fashion Edit

Heeeello everybody! Excited for this post too?! I am a lot.
Today Idecided to gather together my last few selfies which show the outfits I'm wearing during the beginning of this summer
So I chose seven pics and posted them above :)

In the first one it wasn't a really hot day, but not a cold one, so I opted for a pair of black light trousers I bought from Cache Cache and a nice blue t-shirt of H&M with flowers on it. This is a really comfy but not expected choice!

Well, I particularly adore the second match of clothes, especially because of those trousers which are ADORABLE. Think that yesterday I went shopping with a friend of mine and a random boy began staring at me - I couldn't understand why - and the he told me : "You have the best trousers I've ever seen, I swear." And I was like Oh. My. God. such a weird day! You know, the lad was cool aha.
Anyway, I like to wear it with both long shirts or short tops - the one I'm wearing is from Brandy - and then a large sweatshirt (this is from H&M). In the photo I have that backpack which is from Brandy too (my granny's birthday present!).

The third picture shows me in a Pimkie's changing room, trying on a very cute jumpsuit I absolutely wanted to buy but I had to spend my money for a bag I've desired for ages. I thought that wouldn't have been a bad thing to post it here, as it's in Pimkie's summer collection. Don't care about the messy background, please! 

Moving on the second collage we have one of my favourite selfies, taken just after i bought those new shorts from ZARA and I couldn't resist to put something else the following day. Also the top is from that big haul, it's a simple H&M one. Glasses are Vogue, just because you know.

Wahooo the next outfit is really simple and perfect for the hot season: short white top from H&M and high waisted shorts from Bershka. On my nails - Essie in n. 27 Watermelon.

In the second to last pic I'm wearing a top, which actually is not mine, but my sister's - never mind - and it's from Brandy - oh, what an original brand! - and then the shorts are … guess, it's a difficult question: Brandy! *aha* Well, I definitely love them so so much guys! I was looking for something like that for literally ages.

Finally the last one… The top is from ZARA and I quite like it because it's a bit different from all the tops I have in my closet and can be both elegant or casual depending on how you match it with the other clothes. The jeans are just simple high waisted jeans from Bershka I like due to their graduated shading.

That's all for today my gals, really hope you like it - always let me know in the comments! -

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