10 Hair Care Tips

agosto 15, 2014



I've never really looked after my hair before this year, when I understood that they're an important part of me that can make the most of my face. In fact I think my face is a bit rounded and my hair helps me a lot by concealing this ball-effect.
There are a lot of tips I've discovered during the last period I decided to share with you, also because they're not something I expected at all.

#1 Brush your hair just twice a day
It happens quite a lot that girls bring their hairbrushes in their bag, taking them out whenever they can, brushing their hair every two minutes. This behaviour could seem harmless to the most of people, but it actually is not. In fact, it's unhealthy for your hair because it might cause a hair loss, which we obviously don't want!
So brush your hair just twice a day, it will makes it look straighter, but don't brush it when you just came out of the shower because it's weaker.

#2 Avoid to keep your hair always tied up
Ponytail is perhaps the most used hairstyle of women's in the world. It's quick and easy to do, but it's also comfy especially in summer when it's too hot for untied hair. 
However, our loved ponytail can damage our hair, as it put pressure on the scalp, making your hair become weaker and harder to grow out!

#3 Don't pull out grey hair
If you're a bit older than me, you may be used to remove your grey hairs with your fingers or even tweezers. Well, DON'T. This doesn't stop your grey hairs from growing again, rather it will make them grow faster and unhealthy-looking.

#4 Shampoo's step
First of all you should buy the right shampoo your scalp needs. There are different products for every type of hair, so you must choose the one which suits yours the most. Asking for the opinion of an expert, for example your hairdresser, is a really important guarantee.
Then, you should use just a little of the product, apply it on your head and begin rubbing the area gently. Don't scratch your scalp just to feel all the lather on your head!

#5 Eat vitamins, iron, zinc and proteins
Keep your scalp healthy eating food like: salmon, beans, green vegetables, eggs, walnuts, poultry, carrots and milk. They make your hair stronger, more shining and stimulate his growth.

#6 Don't skip the conditioner's step
When I was a bit younger, I began not to use conditioner anymore, because I thought it didn't help me to solve my greasy-hair problem. Not true. It soften and disentangle the hair, which won't be broken by the brush. Plus, it completes with the elements that had been removed by the shampoo. 
You can use a lighter one if you have particularly oily hair, applying it just on the ends.

#7 Protect against UVs
It's really important, especially in summer, to have a spray that defends our hair from the sun, which emits UVs, very harmful for our head.

#8 Pay attention to the heat!Hair dryers, irons and hair straighteners are all tools that use the heat to style your hair. They literally fry it. That's why you should have a hair products that avoid damage or at least reduce it! 
Try not to use these tools daily, because they're not healthy at all for your scalp.

#9 Avoid daily shower
We all know that having your hair dirty is probably the worst feeling for us, so I know loads of women who wash their hair every day, included younger me. But girls, this damage your hair a LOT !! 
We actually should be grateful to the unknown person who invented the dry shampoo, which makes our head look a lot better when we have those bad-looking days. And well, dry shampoo inventor, if you're reading this - the BIGGEST thank you from the greasy-hair ladies like me, you saved our lives - .

#10 Go to the hairdresser
The most of us may think that the less you cut your hair, the most they grow up. Wrong. I've seen plenty of scenes where my friends cried every time they went to the hairdresser, even just to trim a bit their hair. This is just ridiculous because having regular cuts makes your hair grow faster, longer and straighter. If you do it by yourself it could lead to split ends and lower growth. So don't be scared by that women with caesars in her hands, just let her do her job.

So these were all the tips I learnt during the last period, hope you found it useful -let me know in the comments what your tips are or what you didn't know before! -

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