Light pankcakes recipe

agosto 08, 2014

Pancakes without eggs recipe

Since this July has been a little too rainy, I decided to turn my boring home afternoons into something more exciting. I wanted to go for cooking, which is one of my favourite pastimes but as I'm on a diet I thought it wasn't a great idea.
However I found this light recipe for pancakes without eggs and I tried it.
It's very simple and quick, plus you don't have to pay attention to your belly! Suonds good.
Anyway, here you are, what you need:

Pancakes without eggs recipe

  • 200 g of flour 
  • 2 spoons of sugar
  • some vanillin
  • 2 little spoons of baking powder for desserts
  • a little salt
  • 250 ml of milk
Pancakes without eggs recipe

Fistly, put the milk in a bowl  and the flour in another one. Add the sugar to the milk while the baking powder and the salt to the flour. Then take a small colander, slowly put the flour in it.

Pancakes without eggs recipe

Help the flour falling in the bowl with a small spoon which makes the lumps dissolve. In order to keep the dough homogenized, carry on mixing everything up whit a whisk. Then, add the vanillin.

Pancakes without eggs recipe

So warm up a little pan (or a normal one if you have a pancake mould like me - this is from Tiger -) and add a little oil - don't overdo it, remember they shoul be light pancakes! -. 

You can pour the mixture into the mould or directly into the little pan and wait for it to brown off.
Now, you can flip it over and let brown the other side off again.

Pancakes without eggs recipe

Decorate a plate dusting some confectioners' sugar to create different shapes ( you can use another mould to make it more simple). When it's ready, lay down the pancake on the dish. Keep doing the same procedure with the other pancakes.
Meanwhile, peel and cut up a few peaches.

Pancakes without eggs recipe

Whisk everything with a mixer in a high bowl and pour the coulis in a nice glass which you'll place next to the pancakes. Set a few cubes of peach on the pile of pancakes and you've done!
Light pancakes without eggs

That's all for today guys, hope you liked it!
Love you all,


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  1. I loveee baking but it's not the best hobby as you always end up with tonnes of cakes and biscuits = you put on a LOT of weight! These look delicious! xx

    Pillarbox Post

  2. Then, try this recipe! I swear it, they're not fat at all and they taste SO good *.* :))