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ottobre 01, 2014


Since this week has been quite a busy one, I decided to share with you a bit of stuff I enjoyed.

Birthday Tart

 On Thursday I turned fifteen, which is pretty cool. Fifteen is that age when you start to feel finally free, young enough to look after yourself and make decisions. My birthday has been exciting and I'm still waiting to celebrate it with my friends. Anyway this is the tart my sister made for me: I loved it!

Oysho Fluffy Panda Jacket

What should I say about this fluffy sweatshirt with a panda shape?! When my sister saw it, she immediately went crazy spending 40€ (50$/31£) of hers, which is not cheap, if you think she's just 12. But she loved it, and I can't blame her.

Red Rose

 Last week it was my birthday, just in case you haven't got it yet, and it was really exciting since it was full of surprises. One of them was made from a friend of mine, who came into the classroom with a red rose. It was really funny and also a bit embarrassing as every teacher, student and even friends thought it was the anniversary with my boyfriend or things like that. I kept kidding the whole day saying she was my boyfriend
This kind of "events" happen just to me.

Twist Fall Braid

Probably you don't know it, but I'm so into the hair mood at the moment, so I keep trying hairstyles on my sister. I find it quite funny because I am discovering new ways to style my hair, although when I was younger I thought there was no hairstyle but letting my hair down.
For this reason, I'm planning a few post about it. Would you be interested? Let me know in the comments.
Anyway this is the Waterfall Braid I did on my little one.

Milan Sunshine

Since I live in a skyscraper in Milan, I have quite a great view of the city from on high. I took this snap of the sunshine this morning before having breakfast. You know, not having the slightest desire of going to school.

Scholl Italia Cliomakeup

The last weekend, I finally met my favourite Italian youtuber. She's Clio from Cliomakeup. She's pretty famous here in Italy, and I've started following her since I was 10. It's thanks to her that now I know something about makeup
I love her because she's nice and she's still down to heart, although she is well known. Her beauty reviews are the ones I trust the most, I think.
Meeting her was such a great thing for me - she even recognized me! 
Scholl hosted her to his temporary store in Milan, where a team of beauticians got my pedicure done. I talked to her a lot and it has been incredible.

Colored eyebrows

One thing I've picked from her blog is this pic where she shows the new trend: coloured eyebrows. I definitely love it, and I think you'll probably see me wearing these very soon.

Smart Bun

As I said before, my sister has been my hairstyle guinea pig for the last few months. What I attempted to do this time was kind of a chic side bun. Seems sophisticated but trust me, it's very easy to do.

Back To School Makeup

Last but not least, I wrote a Back To School Makeup Look post. I really had fun making it, also because I recently received a Canon 700D, and I see it makes the difference.

So that's everything from my busy week
let me know if you're interested in something like that for the future!



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