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ottobre 24, 2014

Today, the blog is hosting a very nice blogger, Kate from Violet Daffodils, talking about her Autumn Favourites!

Hello lovelies!

I would firstly like to say thanks to Sara for letting me feature on her blog, she is so lovely and her blog is amazing, so I appreciate the opportunity :) Today I thought I would share with you some of my Autumn favourites for you all, so I hope you like them:

1)Tartan Scarf

This is my favourite accessory at the moment, I just recently bought this from River Island a few weeks ago and I love how soft it feels and absolutely love the colour of it. I had been after a tartan scarf for so long, so I'm so happy I have one now, can't wait to wear it more over these colder months.


2) Grey Jersey Coat
A relatively new purchase, ever since I bought this I have not stopped wearing it! I love the material and how versatile it is. I can wear it with cosy jumpers and my scarf and be all snuggly and warm or even wear it for a casual evening out with friends with jeans and heels. I can see myself getting so much use out of this and I'm looking forward to coming up with more ways to wear it.


3) Leaves changing colour

On the wall of the house where my bedroom is, there is a wall of Ivy which crawls up throughout the year and when it gets to autumn I love how it is full of brightly coloured leaves of all different sizes and colours. They usually being as this rich bright green colour and then I enjoy seeing the transition from that into the crimson red. So gorgeous!


4) Boots
I absolutely love these boots! I got them in an Asos sale a few years ago and I adore them for their sparkly appearance, it really jazzes up a dull outfit and because they are rubbery they are great to wear for all the autumn weather and even when it starts to snow too.


Thank you very much for reading my feature! Hope you like my favourites, let me know what your favourites are in the comments :)

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Scarf: River Island, Coat: Topshop, Boots: Vivienne Westwood


I told you she was lovely, wasn't she?! Hope you've enjoyed this little autumnal sneak peek!



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