A New Chapter

agosto 02, 2017

If you thought I was going to quit blogging or filming, you can relax now as I can assure you I would never do that. But there is a plot twist anyway. 
So as you may have noticed if you are a dedicated reader of my blog or viewer of my YouTube channel, lately all I've been posting has been photos from my latest trips or updates on my exchange. Yet, this platform was born from a beauty enthusiast that occasionally dressed up and did something with her hair, like dying it lilac. You'll have to forgive me for talking about myself in third person, I just can't help it.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that my interests have somehow changed in time and that reflects on my social media. I have to be honest with you, my obsession for makeup and all things beauty kind of faded away during my exchange. When I was in Australia it was really difficult to find any particular brand that we have here, and with all the new things I was experiencing at that time, makeup and clothes weren't my priority anymore. And I am glad to have disintossicated from an addiction that wasn't very healthy neither for my purse, nor for myself in general. Constantly craving for new products I didn't need, just because some cosmetic firm launched their new lipstick range and everyone was raving about them, made me feel a little sick at some point. To be clear, I am not pointing the finger at anyone that's still enjoying this kind of things, all I'm saying is that it just wasn't for me. And with that, I don't mean I don't like makeup and clothes anymore, the only thing that changes is the priority that I associate to them. 

Now you must be wondering: in which direction are you headed then? It's very simple. What I enjoy doing right now is travelling and discovering new cultures, so that is all I'm going to talk about in here. I will continue posting pictures of new places I visit, maybe face some new topics, like cultural differences among countries, my experiencies abroad and perhaps give you some insight on what is really like being an Italian. 

I hope you like this plot twist, as I am very excited to start a new chapter that reflects my personality even better than before. Thank you so much for your endless support throughout this journey.


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