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febbraio 23, 2014


Hello to everyone!!
Welcome to my new blog, “SaraPags”.  First, I want to specify that this is not my real name: Pags is a sort of contraction of my Italian surname, Paganuzzi. I don’t actually know how I chose this name ... I just came up with this when it was time to put it in the box.
 As you probably have already understood,
I’m Italian and I live in Milan, one of the most important world’s fashion capital cities. As luck would have it, in these days Milan is involved in the Fashion Week’s event! *Maybe I’ll go and peek at FENDI’s models, take some pics and post them here for you guys*
I’m really excited to start this new experience on the web I thought for a long time. So let me show you what I planned! This is going to be my lifestyle dare, my personal challenge. I'll explain it.
 I'm an enthusiastic teen. I've recently began to follow some bloggers and YouTubers and slowly I've become more and more accurate in my style and makeup. I started thinking about it all the time, day and night, in dreams and nightmares. *aha* Okay I'm a bit overdone, but for sure I became a fashion and beauty lover. I flip out every time I enter a shop and shopping is my only therapy. I spend hours and hours watching videos, reading blogs and I find it the most relaxing thing ever.
This is my challenge: to grow up little by little during a whole year, namely fifty two weeks, posting about once a week, so more or less fifty two posts … Can I do this? I’ll try. I can’t actually promise I’ll post regularly on a precise day, due to the school. I’m attending high school here, and it’s really hard sometimes. It happens that I have to study all the afternoon, until midnight! So the only thing I can assure you, I will do my best. Perhaps if I’m not able to post one week, I’ll post twice the following one.
My idea is to write about all the tips&tricks I get in the course of time, with topics as well as teens’ lifestyle, fashion and beauty, but remember I’m not a professional, I’m doing this just for passion!
I'll make an example: has it ever happened that one day you choose to wear something like a blouse and a pair of elegant trousers and people begin looking at you as though you’re a monster?! Well it often happens to me. That’s because this kind of clothes belongs to women’s wearing, and it feels a bit unsuitable on a fourteen-year-old girl. Likely, people from English countries don’t have the same problem thanks to the school uniform, I guess.
To summarise I have to find my own style, which won’t make me feel ashamed when I wear it, but also which I like! It could be one of my next post’s theme. Sounds well!
Another thing I’m going to do is testing and reviewing cheap products. Yeah, you read well: cheap. It’s not an original idea, let’s face it, but it’s not a random choice: crisis is now all around the world and people lose their job, my mum included. Moreover, I often have to buy some things with my weekly pocket money of ten euros: make up, accessories, iPhone cases, bags, and all the stuff that’s not really important. Ehmm … actually for my parents! . Abiding by this budget is not so difficult: you just have to decide well what you really need at the moment, and then buy one or two items and not more. I would be over the top if I told you I bought all my eye shadows, lipsticks or bags with my dosh, because that’s not true. Mum gave me the most part of them, also because she’s a journalist, and she used to work in a fashion magazine, therefore she got loads of products at half price or completely free.
Eventually guys, I talked too much, you might be bored … Tell me your habits in the comments below: do you have the same problems?! What do you think about what I planned?! Are you going to be interested in these topics?! I can’t wait to know what your opinion is, but I’m sure at least in this moment I’m talking to nobody, probably no one is going to read this, therefore I won’t find comments here.  I’m not going to demoralize myself.

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