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agosto 25, 2014


I haven't known what a blog was until I discovered bloglovin, the most famous app to read blogs. I think it's wonderful, because it has an easy way to separate the 'already read posts' from the new ones and it's super fast. (You can follow me on bloglovin too!)
Anyway, I found a few great bloggers/youtubers that convinced  me creating my own blog.
My top favourite is definitely
Zoella, the one who first made me discover bloglovin' quoting it in a video of hers. I really like her blog, although she has left it a bit to dedicate to her YouTube channel, which is cute as well.
She's a very nice girl, always smiling and funny. Plus, she's smart and she has been able not to become full of herself although she is now quite a famous person.
She talks mostly about lifestyle, but she doesn't forget beauty and fashion. I like her own style, which is trendy but also a bit personal.
I love her collars and guinea pigs obsessions.
Then there's Suzie from Hello October, who's less famous but not less nice!
She principally talks about beauty on her blog, but she has a YouTube channel, which is SUPER PRETTY, where she also uploads outfit videos, vlogs, and get-ready-with-me's which I really enjoy watching.
She's a bit of a messy girl, but we can forgive her!
I adore her new puppy Nala and her endless shopping on asos.
I think she'd deserve more followers than now, because she is so devoted to her blog and channel which are both great.
The third blog I love reading is Lily Pebbles' one. She's a beauty one too and she also has a YouTube channel too. I bought a few very good products thanks to her (as the NYC palette - you can find my review here). Since I'm not just a beauty one, I adore reading/watching her outfit posts/videos.
She is SO organised with her job, she uploads posts and videos very often... I'd really love to be like her!
I cannot mention Lily without writing about Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup, she's very nice as well. Lily and Anna are very good friends, they often film videos together, and it's quite impossible to follow just one of the two.
Beauty addicted, she has a huge makeup collection and also a very interesting closet.
Personally, I began following her when I watched her videos about how to create a blog or a YouTube channel, which kind of stuff you need. Everything obviously featured by Lily!
I'm really displeased because they both came to Milan this year, but I was on holiday and I hadn't have the opportunity to meet them! When I discovered they did a meet&greet in front of the Duomo I went crazy. Hope to meet them the next year, though.
Finally, Meg from Wonderful You is so sweety.
Well, she's a fashion one and I always fall in love with her outfits. In the last period, she has been very brave, posting photos of her acne problem and of her naked. I absolutely admire her courage and love reading her posts. She has a YouTube channel too, but I have to admit I'm not already subscribed because I have still too many videos to watch by other youtubers so I don't have enough time at the moment, but I hope to be able to do it in a near future!

So, these were my favourite reads, hope you enjoyed it!

P.S.: sorry for the lateness guys but I'm struggling to find a good wifi connection here in Greece!

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