Cambridge Photo Diary

settembre 03, 2014

Hello readersss,
hope you're well? 
Holidays are heading to the end, at least for me, and this is not a happy news.
I'm writing this post from the ferry which is taking me to Athens from the little island where I stayed the last two weeks. 
Actually it's not that bad, because finally I had the opportunity to reunite with my best friend, the wifi. Yeah, sounds weird, but I missed it so much. Just try to live two weeks without an internet connection and then you can judge me!
Anyway, I'm not here to talk about Greece. 
In fact, at the beginning of July I went to Cambridge to improve my English skills and to have a lot of fun with my friends. 
It has been amazing.  Three weeks of complete freedom, far from parents and relatives, only with your friends, learning your favourite language. 
In three words, this travel was: English, Shopping and Fun.
Well, I learned plenty of words, idioms and grammar rules, but the thing I loved the most was the accent: it's crazy.
Since we went to London and to the mall many times, I did a huge shopping, as I said in my last post, but it's not today's topic.
And finally I had a great time with my mates and I knew loads of people, which is always wonderful.

So, I'll stop talking. Here you are a few pics that show you my days in Cambridge.

Cambridge SaraPags
I love the English terraced houses - they're too cute!

Cambridge SaraPags
This is one of his famous colleges I went visiting - don't remember exactly which one aha-

Cambridge SaraPags
I took a photo Primark because I was too excited when I found it - we don't have it in Itay!-
Cambridge SaraPags
King's College view from the River Cam

Cambridge SaraPags
The entrance of Buckingham Palace, London
London SaraPags
A little squirrel in St. James Park, London

London SaraPags
British flag in Buckingham Palace,  London

How could I skip this?! Obviously it was the first place I went in London!

A proud me after a VS and Starbucks session

M&Ms World

I really loved Camden Town, such a beautiful place!

Cambridge SaraPags
King's College Church

Cambridge SaraPags
English sunset - amazing!

Ely village,  England

Cambridge SaraPags
Boots face mask! On my instagram

Cambridge SaraPags
My last Costa's cappuccino in Cambridge:(

So, that was a selection of my Cambridge's shoots, really hope you liked it!
Love you all,

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