Seven Deadly Sins Of Makeup Tag

ottobre 22, 2014


Hello to everyone,
today I'm going to answer the questions of the Seven Deadly Sins Of Makeup Tag, thanks to Shelby who tagged me in her last post.

  • What's your most expensive beauty item?
Usually my high brands beauty products are all around the same budget, around 30€ (40$,25£), but recently I've received one that rides everything out. I'm talking about the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation, which is not actually a purchase of mine but, as I wrote in this post, it's a present from a few friends. I really like this foundation as it gives a light and natural effect to your skin. 
  • What item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
I think that could be lip balms in general because I always love some hydration on my lips but it always ends up making them sticky, and I definitely hate this feeling.
  • What brand takes up the most of your collection?
I never purchase products from just one brand, since I watch many reviews and try to buy the best of each make. I think that every brand has his ups and downs, and we're not talking only about drugstore makeup, but this happens also to high brands. 
  • What product do you neglect the most due to laziness?
I'd say the eyeliner because it takes a bit longer and in the morning I'm always on a rush.
  • What product gives you the most confidence?
I can't skip the mascara step, as it makes the most of my eyes. Every time I don't wear it I feel like I'm naked.
  • Which item is top of your beauty wishlist?
At the moment I'm craving the Lorac Pro Palette which seems to be the perfect palette. I love wearing natural colours, especially matte on my eyes.
  • Which makeup product/look is great on the others but not on you?
I'd love to be able to wear a light lipstick, but I find my skin/lips colour a bit too dark, so I think it it makes a very bad look on me. For this reason, I've always wanted to have pale skin.

That's all for today, really hope you'll like it! 
I decided to tag EllaBeth and Ella (another one, sorry! Aha). I'd love to read your answers!
So the rules are simple. Link back to the person and their blog who tagged you, then tag as many people as you’d like to complete the seven deadly sins of makeup tag!!! 


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