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novembre 22, 2014

How to Conceal Spots



Okay, first of all you all should all clap me since I'm posting photos of my face with NO MAKEUP on. That's a big action of bravery by my side.
Now, we can move on to the real topic of today's post: all about concealing.
My skin is something I take care of a lot, especially talking about makeup products. Let's clear this up:
I don't feel like I should cover my face because I don't like the way it is without makeup, but it's just that there are a few days when my skin situation is very bad and I would feel too messed-up if I went out with no concealer on. Not that I have a serious acne problem going on, but I hate showing my spots to people since I feel a little bit ashamed. Actually it happens more often with redness than with blemishes, as my face usually tents to be red. In fact, these pictures are not taken during one of my worst-skin-days, but at the same time I might have eaten too many sweets. 
Anyway, please, I ask you not to judge me for this covering-up habit, that I know I shouldn't be proud of, and I'm not. I admire people who can easily show themselves with no makeup no matter what people say or think. 
However, there are occasions when even one of these people has to cover his spots, and this could drive you crazy if you don't have the slightest idea about how to manage it.
And here's where I may help you.
In fact, the most of you probably doesn't know that the colour that contrast pimples, which are red, is green. So you should use a green corrector. Ew - sounds pretty scary, I know, but actually it works! 
So here is what I usually do.
  • NYC Cover Stick in Green is today's main guest. This has saved me from pimples a million times. Actually, at the beginning I bought it just because I was curious to try such a weird product and I didn't think it was really going to work, also because of the price, 2$ (1£/1,50€) - bargain! So I just thought it was something I had to try once in my life. Thanks God I did! I'm very impressed by this product, if you haven't got it yet. The formula is a bit dry, which is perfect for blemishes as they usually warm up during the day and make the corrector going all around your face. This one lasts more than any other concealer I've ever tried! I really recommend you to give it a go.
  • Then, I use the Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer, which is my favourite drugstore spots' concealer. I love it because it has a dry formula too, and it's super cheap! (It's around 2£/3€/4$ !!). Apply it on the green of the previous one and don't mind if it's not perfectly covered, as we're going to cover it again later.
  • Eventually I apply the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120 with the Real Technique Expert Face Brush. 
  • If you have some green left, put some concealer on and powder everything up!

That's it, and the result is the picture below! 

How to Cover Spots

Let me know what you think about this method, if you had already heard it or not, if you're too scared or you're going to give it a go!

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2 commenti:

  1. The Catrice Camouflage cream is what I use to cover up pimples too! It is such a great quality product and totally affordable as well. The NYC stick is really interesting, I have looked at it in the store before but never picked it up. But since you love it, I might try it soon!


    1. Yep, I love the Catrice one! And for the other one, give it a go, you won't be disappointed!