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marzo 13, 2015

Lifestyle Challenge
Hi lovely readers, hope you haven't left me yet. I know I've been offline for too much, but again, the school is driving me crazy - God, why can't we be born already educated! 
I've missed quite an important post, the key post of my whole blogging experience! Since it's never too late to write it, I'm going to upload it today.
I started this blog a little more than a year ago, with the purpose to change my lifestyle into something more sophisticated and chic, showing you here my path little by little. As I said before I'm very gutted that I don't actually have time to post daily or just more often than what I do now, because for this reason I haven't been able to show you many things that happened throughout the year. 
Anyway, let's start with the real topic of this post. I created this blog with a little knowledge makeup-wise, as I have been obsessed with an Italian makeup artist's videos since middle school. I already loved beauty and I never missed the mascara step in my morning routine. However, fashion wasn't my thing at all. Not that I hated it, for sure, but I was really bad at mixing up clothes and coming up with new outfit ideas. I used to be the every day leggings one - boring stuff. Trainers were the only pair of shoes I had in my shoe rack and dresses weren't part of my closet. And it was okay, because I was okay with it.
But then I changed school and friends, and I realized that there were so many things I liked  about the chic world. Those super tidy houses, with funny furnitures and neat wardrobes, candles and magazines on the shelves, things that I actually didn't use to care about before, but which turned out to be so much fun!
Style Changes
Talking hair, I've grown up a lot: I've learnt that a hairstyle can completely change a look, make it less boring and keeping it comfy. When I was younger my head was basically everyday the same ponytail. Hair destroyed aside, it wasn't a very good move.
 Teased Hair
On the blogging side I've achieved plenty of goals too! First thing first, my photography skills have faced a revolution with the arrival of a new DSLR camera, my trustworthy Canon 700D. Thanks to this little bae, I've even been able to start a YouTube channel too!
Photography Skills
Also my scheduling activities have improved a bit, although I don't even have time to write so many drafts, so that you can see it. I'm not just talking about blogger though, since I discovered the world of scheduled posts on Facebook and twitter which saved me. 
However, it hasn't been that easy and obstacles were always around the corner. In fact, there is a feeling I had to fight with a lot throughout the last period. I don't know how to call it the right way but I'll try to describe it. It is the one that doesn't allow you to feel happy of things you already own, because you always want more. You think your life is bad just because you see picture of others' people's life that show you how perfect they are, how many things they have that you don't. You don't realize that pictures are just the happy side of their life. You just focus on money, because in some way they can lead you near that perfection. Until you realize you are so lucky to be able to eat every day whatever you want because your parents have a job that provides you a meal. And that the role played by beauty products and clothes in your life is just part of your creativity, not your economic status show. There's no one to envy, if you are happy with who you are which doesn't mean what you have.
I'm sorry I can't really spell everything out at the moment, otherwise this post becomes too long, but I promise I'll do some 'Things I Learned From' posts as soon as possible (a.k.a. when my school decides to let me have some relax time).
Hope you've liked this kind of one year wrap up post, let me know what your goals for the next year are in the comments!
Just wanted to say thank you again, to the ones that have followed me from the beginning of this experience, but also to the newbies that keep supporting me and my hobby.
Love you lots xx

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  1. Hi Sara! Nice post, thank you for sharing your experience with us :) You've achieved so much in just one year, bravo!
    I've had so many thoughts in my head while reading this post, until I came this sentence: There's no one to envy, if you are happy with who you are which doesn't mean what you have. <3 And you've just said it all!
    Blogging is such a lovely hobby and I'm thinking about starting my own lifestyle blog. Looking forward your new posts with great photos, I've had to commend that, and videos! <3

    1. Yeah, blogging is the best thing ever, but it could turn out to be very challenging sometimes! Anyway great news, let me know when you start your blog and give me the link!
      :)Sara xx