How to: Make your own handmade scrub

marzo 24, 2014

Hey everyone,
hope you're well! 
As spring has began there are some few things to fix. First is your fridge (click here to read my post about it) and second?! Well, winter is a bad season for our skin and lips as cold make them dry and cracked. This is the reason I was inspired by to do this post. 
So, let's start creating our scrub
For people who don't have any idea of what it is, a scrub is when rub something hard so as to clean them, you can choose to use a brush or a specific product. 
What you need:

- some sugar
- some honey (liquid or solid is the same)
- a little clean pot
- a teaspoon

As you can see, this ingredients are really easy to find at home, without any problem. 
Put both sugar and honey in the pot and mix them together until you get a granulated composite. 

Then, spread it on your face and lips massaging with your fingers.

If you want you can do this after exfolieting your skin with fumes (you just have to warm the water up, put your face on it and stay fixed for ten minutes).
Hope this post was helpful guys, let me know leaving a comment below! 
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