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aprile 04, 2014

Time, SaraPags

Although I am still a youngster I have recently become to notice how time worth in my life. I started dreaming to have more time in order to do all what I would like to. 
Well, I'm good at school, I can't hide that, but studying is definitely not my main aim.
Sometimes it's hard to sit down at your desk and take out your books, especially when sun is raising out there. I'd like to pick my phone up and start taking pictures or take my bag and go out with friends, instead of staying locked up at home.
I have many hobbies and still want to do more things. The problem is: I don't have enough time. Little problem, isn't it?!
I used to be a very creative person, when I was younger. I remember myself making handmade jewels as well as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and all this kind of stuff ... 
I left my piano courses after four years, just because it was too demanding and it required too much time I didn't have. 
I think I've already said my nails time has disappeared some months ago with the school beginning. And it's exactly there that my nails are painted the most of the time. Again. TIME
And also after leaving these hobbies, my week is still busy
I play volley twice a week, plus the matches at the weekends, which don't allow me to have a trip if I want, for example. It happens that you find it hard to leave your comfy bedroom, to go out, catch a bus just to do a 'little' exertion, made of crunches, running and push-ups,  especially in winter
But, after all, volley helps me distracting myself from study and daily life.
Then, once a week I attend a private English school in the afternoon, just to improve the language since I'm Italian. Oh, you can't actually understand how much I'd like to talk like you English people! This a passion, so it's neither stressful nor boring for me (it could be for you).
Also, I often go to my friends' to help them finding the right way to study, and they seem to appreciate that! Indeed next week is going to be another busy one! 
So, as you can see I don't have much spare time to devote to other activities! But I'd like to.
For instance, I have just developed an obsession with photography so I asked my mum for a photography course. Obviously I can't do it during the school, so I'm going to do it in summer I hope! 
This is also the reason why I'd love to learn how to use Photoshop. But, I don't have time.
I'd like to go to the gym as well as riding horses, which I loved when I was a child.
The problem is the same. Time

Therefore, I'm going to give you some advices about how I manage it.
First, you need something where you can write your daily plans. It might be your phone or an agenda as well.
Remember to calculate some relax time, otherwise you'll be too tired
Secondly try to do first what you have to and then, what you'd like to. Otherwise you'll feel anxious because you haven't finish your duty, and you'll never feel completely relaxed.
Think about more time for yourself, learning to reject sometimes friends' invite. At first you'll regret your choice, but then, you'll feel better.
Another way to save time is to put your phone away when you're studying or working, because it distracts you a lot with his notifications, chats etc ...
And last but not least, try to enjoy completely what you're doing, without using phones and similar stuff when you're in company!
Hope this has been useful, 
love you all.


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